Muthanna Hamza

Projects Director

Nationality : Iraqi
Qualifications : 1998: MSc in Structural Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
1994: BSc Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
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Having worked in the industry for more than 15 years Muthanna has extensive knowledge in all site and contractual related issues including, but not limited to, development and implementation of effective policies and procedures, construction work compliance with authority and client requirements, tender documents, bill of quantity, cost control, contract administration, control of projects at the site.

Having worked in the past for construction, contracting and now engineering consultants Muthanna has gained significant knowledge in all aspects of project site work.

Proven intellectual ability - Muthanna holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Structural Engineering - which has given him the technical expertise to take leadership and control of all project site related work.

During his career he has taken on the roles of Structural Designer, Structural Engineer, Technical Engineer, Planning Engineer, Projects Engineer and now Senior Project Manager working on many site projects throughout the UAE.

Today, his primary role is to carry out all of the responsibilities related to the site issues for the designated projects, and to manage the site teams ensuring the implementation of safety and quality standards and the smooth running of the project until completion.