Karl Hakim


Nationality : German
Qualifications : Architect, University of Hanover, Faculty of Architecture, Germany
Photo shot of man with glasses in suite

ARC Associate Karl Hakim has over 10 years experience, predominantly in concept architecture - in designing high rises for commercial, residential, recreational and many other architectural buildings. His architectural flair and design has enabled him to produce over 3,000 projects, whether individually or in collaboration with a wide array of different architectural companies. 
After graduating Karl founded Macina Digital Imaging and Film and is now an expert in Visual Presentation, Animation, Interactive and Communication Design. 
The breath of Karl’s experience covers a multitude of challenging, unusual and original projects, from a car factory for Volkswagen in Hanover to the Flower of the East Development project on Kish Island, Iran where he was the Director for Urbanism, Architecture & Design. 
Throughout his career Karl has continued to be an associate lecturer of the University of Hanover, Faculty of Architecture. He has been guest lecturer for San Francisco Community College, City College of New York and Guest Professor at  Aarhus University, Denmark in the context of the Erasmus Program.