Ban Wahab

Planning Manager

Nationality : Iraqi
Qualifications : 1998: BSc Civil Engineering, Al Mustansiriya University, Iraq
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With a great understanding of projects Ban is able to undertake full supervision and technical assessments of projects, handle site meetings, site visits, and prepare interim payment certificates and handover certificates. Ban can handle all project programmes in pre-contract and post-contract phases, present schedules of work and monitor progress throughout the project.

With over 11 years experience in the Middle East Ban realizes the importance of client coordination and satisfaction. Excellent technical, communication and leadership skills ensure the smooth running of all projects.

Proven intellectual ability – holding a BA in Science and Civil Engineering Ban started her career as a Civil Engineer and has since progressed into the field of Planning Engineer and Quality Control. In order to enhance her current skills she has pursued further education training programs that include superior customer service, project management, prevention and defending engineering contract claims, supervisory skills and time management.

Ban’s primary role is to develop the most appropriate and efficient method and sequence of events for any given project - to oversee the entire program of the project, coordinate with various disciplines present schedules of work, monitoring progress and to anticipate the demands of the client from start to completion. As Planning Engineer, Ban monitors all the design stages during the precontract stage including the concept design stage, detailed design stage, tendering stage and awarding the contract.

She is also responsible for the development and implementation of Company QA/QC standards and compliance with ISO 9001:2008.